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Fix the path of my last post 2 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 4429b381d0
Add post about my Mastodon DB hickup 2 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 7d13a05f32
Add an article about 5.1 speakers and sitting posture 3 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 27196d3109
Add post about E2EE using Emacs matrix-client.el 3 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 1249112ef2
Make the Minari calendar display well on small devices 5 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 9de9dc9fbe
Fix the static path list in the config 5 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 2ffdd202f4
Fix timestamps in two articles 5 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 21000c1fc5
Fix the static pages 7 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai cc72dd525c
Write a post about moving to Pelican 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai d5c1c942f0
Convert the whole site to use Pelican instead of Jekyll 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 49961a3007
Create script to convert markdown posts to Org format 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 3d452d5640
Add draft for a post about cutting CSV lines at the 10th column 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 2ed1e51e64
Add article about recurring events 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 32924598a9
Fix link to the sun twins story 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai 1bed33d65a
Use SASS instead of CSS 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai e0640119ba
wip: local updates 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai f8d33b6c4c
Add instructions for and ignore files related to using bundle 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 06969b3afc
wip: Upgrade to jekyll 4 8 months ago
  Gergely Polonkai b0c029ef57
wip: use ForkAwesome fonts for the contact list 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai af4fbf2ce8 Apply mobile style to symbolon controls 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai beff57738f Fix typo on the symbolon page 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai a0822eb344 Add read time script 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai f123b01463 Add my PGP key 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 5eaefd30fb Create the Story layout 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai e9996808be Remove Google stuff 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 3a1a8758fb Remove Disqus from the posts 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 4344328d4f Fix the Symbolon page 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 40c0d9f304 Add PGP proof file 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 0979b150db Rewrite the Symbolon page 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 0ac5e08a33 Add a writing prompt story 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai ea4d9fffec Add a well-known file for the dat protocol 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 784ce3617d Move external assets from dynamic protocol to direct HTTPS 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 973123e2ff Remove the OpenID stuff from the index page 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai fd206a586a Add post about last commit test coverage 1 year ago
  Gergely Polonkai 4076df8635 Add post about Calendar.social plans 2 years ago
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  Gergely Polonkai 4945d9967f Update keybase proof 2 years ago
  Gergely Polonkai b37b6139ee Revert "Fix the well-known directory inclusion" 2 years ago
  Gergely Polonkai cbde34f0b7 Fix URL for the font I use 2 years ago
  Gergely Polonkai fc6c7c1f17 Fix the well-known directory inclusion 2 years ago
  Gergely Polonkai 8eb32d0fca Add the well-known directory to the Jekyll files 2 years ago
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  Gergely Polonkai 21e1aceb87 Make my page my OpenID provider 2 years ago
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