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Update the disclaimer page

Gergely Polonkai 2 years ago
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The social media icons in the contact menu are made by `Rogie King <>`_.
That thing you may call the site’s design is made using `Twitter Bootstrap <>`_.
Source code snippets throughout this page are licensed under `GNU General Public License v3.0
or later <>`_, unless otherwise stated.
Images, audio and video files, and other media throughout this page are licensed under `Creative
Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
<>`_, unless otherwise stated.
Please note that my contact information is considered to be personal data. You can use it for
your personal means like, you know, contacting me, but i strongly and expressly decline using this
information for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, sending me marketing material.
Also note that my primary email address listed on this page is handled by Google Workspace
(formerly known as Google Apps and Google G-Suite). While i transition to a more privacy friendly
service, i suggest you send me emails in an encrypted form; for that, you can use my `public PGP
key <{static}../>`_ (check the details of this key on my `about page <{filename}about.rst>`_).