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If youre a recruiter (and why else would you be here?), you may want to read <a href="{filename}work-preferences.rst">my preferences</a> before reading on. It will save both of us valuable time.
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List of conditions and preferences, for recruiters
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If you are a recruiter looking to hire me, i first want to say thank you. This means you are not
just blindly select people to contact but youre doing research on them. I appreciate that.
Below is a list of conditions and preferences thats good to know before we talk. These are the
things i wont bend in, no matter what.
* Im a family man, and with a wife who has a much stricter schedule it is i who transport the
children between schools and home. This means that:
1. i need a really flexible schedule
2. i work remotely. If thats not an option for your client, stop right now; thats something
i wont reconsider anytime soon. Occasional visits to HQ is OK, though.
* i use a Fedora Linux workstation for work. I wont install any corporate spyware on it like
activity or time trackers. Corporate-specific apps for things like messaging and VPN might be
OK (but many of those are suspicious). Im willing to run different operating systems in
virtual machines for testing purposes, but changing my working environment must be my choice,
not my employers.
* Python is my main programming language, but im happy to learn new ones. I wont, under any
circumstances, work with Java, PHP, and Perl, unless the job is to migrate away from those
languages (and even then i might refuse based on other circumstances).
* if i have to do some coding on a whiteboard during the interview, solve problems that are
already solved in a lot of places (like implementing a linked list), or solve some brain teasers
ill hang up without a warning. That method is plain wrong and no serious interviewer should
use it. Not even for hiring beginners. I have a bunch of openly available projects, or you can
put my skills to the test in a realistic setting. I guess the work youre hiring for is not
“writing nonsense programs on whiteboards”.
* i will never work for Google/Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Oracle, Meta/Facebook, any banks, or
financial institutions. If you are trying to recruit me for one of these, just stop; both of
our times are more precious than that. I can tell you why, in case you are interested, though;
but for that, an email should be enough.
* i do understand that a lot of you recruiters are bound by NDAs and such, but if you find me fit
for a position and dont mention the company who youre recruiting for, the position is out of
question. This way i cant do *my* part of the research, to check if *i* want to work with that
company at all. In this case ill assume the worst (see the previous point) and decline
* money is not everything; you definitely cant change my mind about all the things above by
offering more. However, if youre recruiting in Hungary (or *from* Hungary hoping that it will
be cheap), be prepared that my expectations are probably higher than you might think. My wife
is a teacher and thats an expensive hobby in this country which im wilfully support
financially (among other things).
Please also keep in mind that im happily employed at the moment, and am not actively looking for
a change. I might be interested in your offer, but theres a high chance that ill just refuse.
If all the above are OK with you, feel free to contact me. Also, instead of writing me an email,
you might want to `book a time slot <{filename}appointments.rst>`_ instead.

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