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History of user-visible changes

2014-07-26 (0.8.2)

  • New user option company-occurrence-weight-function, allowing to tweak the behavior of the transformer company-sort-by-occurrence.
  • Setting company-idle-delay to t is deprecated. Use the value 0 instead.

2014-07-01 (0.8.1)

  • company-require-match is not in effect when the new input doesn't continue the previous prefix, and that prefix was a match.
  • The meaning of company-begin-commands value t has slightly changed.
  • New transformer, company-sort-by-backend-importance.
  • When grouped back-ends are used, the back-end of the current candidate is indicated in the mode-line, enclosed in angle brackets.
  • New user option company-gtags-insert-arguments, t by default.
  • company-css knows about CSS3.
  • company-gtags supports meta and annotation.
  • User option company-dabbrev-code-other-buffers can have a new value: code.
  • New user option company-tooltip-flip-when-above.
  • company-clang uses the standard header search paths by default.
  • C-h is bound to company-show-doc-buffer (like f1).

2014-04-19 (0.8.0)

  • company-capf is included in company-backends in any supported Emacs version (>= 24.1). company-elisp goes before it if Emacs version is < 24.4.
  • New user option company-clang-insert-arguments, by default t.
  • Default value of company-idle-delay lowered to 0.5.
  • New user option company-tooltip-minimum-width, by default 0.
  • New function company-grab-symbol-cons.
  • company-clang fetches completion candidates asynchronously.
  • Added support for asynchronous back-ends (experimental).
  • Support for back-end command crop dropped (it was never documented).
  • Support for Emacs 23 dropped.
  • New user option company-abort-manual-when-too-short.

2014-03-25 (0.7.3)

  • New user option company-etags-ignore-case.

2014-03-19 (0.7.2)

  • Support for Emacs 22 officially dropped.
  • company-clang supports indent-tabs-mode and multibyte chars before point.

2014-03-18 (0.7.1)

  • Group of back-ends can now contain keyword :with, which makes all back-ends after it to be skipped for prefix calculation.
  • New function company-version.
  • New bundled back-end company-yasnippet.
  • Completion candidates returned from grouped back-ends are tagged to remember which back-end each came from.
  • New user option company-tooltip-align-annotations, off by default.
  • New bundled back-end company-bbdb.

2014-02-18 (0.7)

  • New back-end command, match, for non-prefix completion.
  • New user option company-continue-commands. The default value aborts completion on buffer saving commands.
  • New back-end command, annotation, for text displayed inline in the popup that's not a part of completion candidate.
  • company-capf, company-clang and company-eclim use annotation.
  • company-preview* faces inherit from company-tooltip-selection and company-tooltip-common-selection on light themes.
  • New user option company-transformers.
  • First transformer, company-sort-by-occurrence.
  • New user options controlling company-dabbrev and company-dabbrev-code.

2014-01-25 (0.6.14)

  • The tooltip front-end is rendered with scrollbar, controlled by the user option company-tooltip-offset-display.
  • The tooltip front-end is rendered with margins, controlled by the user option company-tooltip-margin.

2014-01-14 (0.6.13)

  • Experimental support for non-prefix completion.
  • Starting with Emacs version 24.4, company-capf is included in company-backends and replaces company-elisp.
  • company-capf supports completion tables that return non-default boundaries.
  • company-elisp is enabled in inferior-emacs-lisp-mode.

2013-09-28 (0.6.12)

  • Default value of company-begin-commands changed to (self-insert-command).
  • Futher improvement in org-indent-mode compatibility.

2013-08-18 (0.6.11)

  • company-template-c-like-templatify removes all text after closing paren, for use in backends that display additional info there.
  • company-cmake is now bundled.
  • Better linum compatibility in Emacs <= 24.2.
  • company-global-modes: New option.

2013-05-26 (0.6.10)

  • Plays nicer with org-indent-mode.
  • Works in horizontally scrolled windows.

2013-05-10 (0.6.9)

  • company-capf respects :exit-function completion property.
  • company-backends: prefix command can return t in the cdr.
  • company-clang-begin-after-member-access: New option.
  • Mouse click outside the tooltip aborts completion.
  • company-clang uses standard input to pass the contents of current buffer to Clang 2.9+, otherwise saves the buffer and passes the path to the file.
  • company-clang-auto-save option has been removed.
  • Better interaction with outline-minor-mode.
  • company-dabbrev-code supports all prog-mode derivatives.

2013-04-16 (0.6.8)

  • company-auto-complete is disabled by default.
  • company-auto-complete-chars default value includes fewer syntax classes.
  • In expanded function calls, arguments skipped by the user default to "argN".
  • company-eclim and company-clang do not strip argument types from fields.
  • company-clang expands function calls for all three modes now.
  • company-clang supports c++-mode by default.

2013-04-05 (0.6.7)

  • Two company-elisp tweaks.

2013-04-01 (0.6.6)

  • company-elisp doesn't offer completions when typing the name and the arguments of a new function or macro definition, allowing to fall back to other back-ends like company-dabbrev-code.

2013-03-30 (0.6.5)

  • Fixed keybindings when running in a terminal.
  • company-elisp-show-locals-first: new customizable variable.
  • company-elisp shows more accurate and comprehensive candidates list.

2013-03-26 (0.6.4)

  • company-eclim shows valid completions after an opening paren.
  • Expanded template does not get removed until the point leaves it. After your input the last argument in a method call expanded by company-eclim, you can press <tab> once more, to jump after the closing paren. No other bundled back-ends are affected.

2013-03-25 (0.6.3)

  • New tooltip face colors used on themes with light background.
  • Pseudo-tooltip stays up-to-date when text is inserted after the point.
  • Fixed company-require-match mechanics.

2013-03-24 (0.6.2)

  • global-company-mode is now autoloaded.

2013-03-23 (0.6.1)

  • Documented init and post-completion back-end commands.
  • company-eclim and company-clang only expand the template on explicit user action (such as company-complete-{selection,number,mouse}).
  • company-template has some breaking changes. When point is at one of the fields, it's displayed at the beginning, not right after it; <tab> jumps to the next field, forward-word and subword-forward remappings are removed; when you jump to the next field, if the current one hasn't been edited, the overlay gets removed but the text remains.
  • company-eclim shows method overloads and expands templates for calls.
  • company-clang-objc-templatify does not insert spaces after colons anymore.
  • company-clang is now only initialized in supported buffers. So, no error messages if you don't have Clang until you open a C file.
  • company-clang recognizes Clang included in recent Xcode.
  • New commands company-select-previous-or-abort and company-select-next-or-abort, bound to <up> and <down>.

2013-03-19 (0.6)

  • Across-the-board bugfixing.
  • company-pysmell is not used by default anymore.
  • Loading of nxml, semantic, pymacs and ropemacs is now deferred.
  • Candidates from grouped back-ends are merged more conservatively: only back-ends that return the same prefix at point are used.
  • company-clang now shows meta information, too.
  • Some performance improvements.
  • Fixed two old tooltip annoyances.
  • Instead of overrriding-terminal-local-map, we're now using emulation-mode-map-alists (experimental). This largely means that when the completion keymap is active, other minor modes' keymaps are still used, so, for example, it's not as easy to accidentally circumvent paredit-mode when it's enabled.
  • company-elisp has seen some improvements.
  • Added company-capf: completion adapter using completion-at-point-functions. (Stefan Monnier)
  • Clang completions now include macros and are case-sensitive.
  • Switching between tag files now works correctly with company-etags.

2010-02-24 (0.5)

  • company-ropemacs now provides location and docs. (Fernando H. Silva)
  • Added company-with-candidate-inserted macro.
  • Added company-clang back-end.
  • Added new mechanism for non-consecutive insertion. (So far only used by clang for ObjC.)
  • The semantic back-end now shows meta information for local symbols.
  • Added compatibility for CEDET in Emacs 23.2 and from CVS. (Oleg Andreev)

2009-05-07 (0.4.3)

  • Added company-other-backend.
  • Idle completion no longer interrupts multi-key command input.
  • Added company-ropemacs and company-pysmell back-ends.

2009-04-25 (0.4.2)

  • In C modes . and -> now count towards company-minimum-prefix-length.
  • Reverted default front-end back to company-preview-if-just-one-frontend.
  • The pseudo tooltip will no longer be clipped at the right window edge.
  • Added company-tooltip-minimum.
  • Windows compatibility fixes.

2009-04-19 (0.4.1)

  • Added global-company-mode.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Added company-eclim back-end.
  • Added safer workaround for Emacs posn-col-row bug.

2009-04-18 (0.4)

  • Automatic completion is now aborted if the prefix gets too short.
  • Added option company-dabbrev-time-limit.
  • company-backends now supports merging back-ends.
  • Added back-end company-dabbrev-code for generic code.
  • Fixed company-begin-with.

2009-04-15 (0.3.1)

  • Added 'stop prefix to prevent dabbrev from completing inside of symbols.
  • Fixed issues with tabbar-mode and line-spacing.
  • Performance enhancements.

2009-04-12 (0.3)

  • Added company-begin-commands option.
  • Added abbrev, tempo and Xcode back-ends.
  • Back-ends are now interactive. You can start them with M-x backend-name.
  • Added company-begin-with for starting company from elisp-code.
  • Added hooks.
  • Added company-require-match and company-auto-complete options.

2009-04-05 (0.2.1)

  • Improved Emacs Lisp back-end behavior for local variables.
  • Added company-elisp-detect-function-context option.
  • The mouse can now be used for selection.

2009-03-22 (0.2)

  • Added company-show-location.
  • Added etags back-end.
  • Added work-around for end-of-buffer bug.
  • Added company-filter-candidates.
  • More local Lisp variables are now included in the candidates.

2009-03-21 (0.1.5)

  • Fixed elisp documentation buffer always showing the same doc.
  • Added company-echo-strip-common-frontend.
  • Added company-show-numbers option and M-0 ... M-9 default bindings.
  • Don't hide the echo message if it isn't shown.

2009-03-20 (0.1)

  • Initial release.