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Gergely Polonkai 47bfbd2457
Commit the .achievements file in its usual format
This file hasn’t really changed for a while and it probably won’t in the foreseeable future.
Let’s not allow it to pollute my repository’s `git status` 😀
4 months ago
eshell Add an alias file for EShell 5 years ago
games Update score files 5 years ago
lisp Make sure we don’t set point just because there is a click in an inactive window 4 months ago
snippets Add new yasnippet for Python unittesting 5 years ago
.achievements Commit the .achievements file in its usual format 4 months ago
.gitignore Update .gitignore with a bunch of files i shouldn’t commit to the repo 4 months ago
.mc-lists.el Update the mc-lists file 9 months ago Move some custom values to 4 months ago
fortune-cookies.txt Configured the cookie1 package 7 years ago
init.el Move package.el initialisation to 5 years ago
keyfreq Update key frequency table 4 months ago Update key frequency table 4 years ago