My .emacs.d directory
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Gergely Polonkai 4700c2e2a4
Update key frequency table
4 years ago
eshell Add an alias file for EShell 5 years ago
games Update score files 5 years ago
lisp Make sure the Nyan prompt in eshell always works 4 years ago
snippets Add snippet for the AGPL header 5 years ago
.achievements Update achievements 4 years ago
.gitignore Add the bookmarks file to .gitignore 5 years ago
.mc-lists.el Add org-force-self-insert to the allowed mc commands 4 years ago Create a more beautiful (and hopefully more helpful) agenda view 4 years ago
customizations.el Switch from smart-mode-line to spaceline 4 years ago
fortune-cookies.txt Configured the cookie1 package 6 years ago
idm-db.gpg Install the github-notifier package 6 years ago
init.el Remove my old add-gnu-c-header function 5 years ago
keyfreq Update key frequency table 4 years ago Create Python script to automatically resolve merge conflict in keyfreq 4 years ago
wl-folders Set up Wanderlust 4 years ago