Attempt to make linum-mode and git-gutter-mode behave

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Gergely Polonkai 2016-09-26 15:32:34 +02:00
parent 7be49e19ed
commit 567b909791
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@ -347,7 +347,6 @@ Version 2016-02-16"
(setq projectile-completion-system 'helm)
(global-git-gutter-mode t)
(require 'multiple-cursors)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-S-c C-S-c") 'mc/edit-lines)
@ -422,3 +421,34 @@ Version 2016-02-16"
(require 'saveplace)
(setq-default save-place t)
(setq save-place-file (expand-file-name ".places" user-emacs-directory))
; Temporary show line numbers while in the goto minibuffer. Copied
; from
(global-set-key [remap goto-line] 'goto-line-with-feedback)
; TODO git-gutter-mode and linum-mode dont play together well. This
; is an attempt to make them nice to each other, but it seems futile.
(defun æ-restore-goto-modes (linum-state gitgutter-state)
(linum-mode -1)
(git-gutter-mode -1)
(linum-mode linum-state)
(git-gutter-mode gitgutter-state))
(require 'linum)
(defun goto-line-with-feedback ()
"Show line numbers temporarily, while prompting for the line
number input"
(let ((old-linum-mode linum-mode)
(old-gitgutter-mode git-gutter-mode))
; Stay safe with git-gutter turned off
(git-gutter-mode -1)
; Turn on linum, before asking for the line number
(linum-mode 1)
(goto-line (read-number "Goto line: "))
(æ-restore-goto-modes old-linum-mode old-gitgutter-mode))
(æ-restore-goto-modes old-linum-mode old-gitgutter-mode))))