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Add date listing function

Gergely Polonkai 9 years ago
parent 9bc614f8a0
commit 4274455957
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@ -2,11 +2,13 @@ from django.conf.urls import patterns, url
from blog import views
urlpatterns = patterns('',
url(r'^$', views.index, name='index'),
url(r'^page/(?P<page>\d+)$', views.indexpage, name='indexpage'),
url(r'^tag/(?P<tag>[^/]+)$', views.taglist, name='taglist'),
url(r'^tag/(?P<tag>[^/]+)/page/(?P<page>\d+)$', views.tagpage, name='tagpage'),
url(r'^(?P<year>\d+)/(?P<month>\d+)/(?P<day>\d+)/(?P<slug>[^/]+)$',, name='read'),
url(r'^code-chunk/(?P<language>[^/]+)/(?P<slug>[^/]+)$', views.codechunk, name='codechunk'),
url(r'^feed$', views.feed, name='feed'),
url(r'^$', views.index, name = 'index'),
url(r'^page/(?P<page>\d+)$', views.indexpage, name = 'indexpage'),
url(r'^tag/(?P<tag>[^/]+)$', views.taglist, name = 'taglist'),
url(r'^tag/(?P<tag>[^/]+)/page/(?P<page>\d+)$', views.tagpage, name = 'tagpage'),
url(r'^(?P<year>\d+)/(?P<month>\d+)/(?P<day>\d+)/?$', views.datelist, name = 'datelist'),
url(r'^(?P<year>\d+)/(?P<month>\d+)/(?P<day>\d+)/page/(?P<page>\d+)$', views.datepage, name = 'datepage'),
url(r'^(?P<year>\d+)/(?P<month>\d+)/(?P<day>\d+)/(?P<slug>[^/]+)$',, name = 'read'),
url(r'^code-chunk/(?P<language>[^/]+)/(?P<slug>[^/]+)$', views.codechunk, name = 'codechunk'),
url(r'^feed$', views.feed, name = 'feed'),

@ -7,14 +7,27 @@ def mainpage(request):
last_posts = Post.objects.filter(draft = False).order_by('-created_at')[:5]
return render(request, 'blog/listing.html', {'posts': last_posts})
def listing(request, tag, page):
def listing(request, tag, year, month, day, page):
kwargs = {}
kwargs['draft'] = False
view = index
if (tag == None):
post_list = Post.objects.filter(draft = False)
view = "index"
post_list = Post.objects.filter(tags__slug = tag, draft = False)
view = "tag"
kwargs['tags__slug'] = tag
view = "tagpage"
if (year != None):
kwargs['created_at__year'] = year
if (month != None):
kwargs['created_at__month'] = month
if (day != None):
kwargs['created_at__day'] = day
post_list = Post.objects.filter(**kwargs)
paginator = Paginator(post_list.order_by('-created_at'), 10)
@ -27,16 +40,22 @@ def listing(request, tag, page):
return render(request, 'blog/listing.html', { 'posts': posts, 'view': "blog:" + view })
def index(request):
return listing(request, None, 1)
return listing(request, None, None, None, None, 1)
def indexpage(request, page):
return listing(request, None, page)
return listing(request, None, None, None, None, page)
def taglist(request, tag):
return listing(request, tag, 1)
return listing(request, tag, None, None, None, 1)
def tagpage(request, tag, page):
return listing(request, tag, page)
return listing(request, tag, None, None, None, page)
def datelist(request, year, month, day):
return listing(request, None, year, month, day, 1)
def datepage(request, year, month, day, page):
return listing(request, None, year, month, day, page)
def read(request, year, month, day, slug):
post = get_object_or_404(Post, created_at__year=int(year), created_at__month=int(month), created_at__day=int(day), slug=slug, draft=False)