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Extend draw_word() so it tries to draw a new one

If the last word is rejected by the user, draw_word() tries to draw a
new one now.
Gergely Polonkai 7 years ago
parent d5e6e4a79c
commit 2f1c8e5850
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@ -40,21 +40,39 @@ def _draw_word(self):
last_draw = self.last_draw()
duration = parse_duration(settings.DRAW_TIME)
if last_draw.timestamp + duration >
if last_draw is not None \
and (last_draw.accepted is None
or last_draw.accepted == True) \
and last_draw.timestamp + duration >
return last_draw.word
# Find all words
# Exclude all words that has an accepted draw for this user
# Choose a random one
# If there are no more words, return None
word = Word.objects \
.exclude(draws__accepted=True, draws__user=self) \
.order_by('?') \
if last_draw is not None:
last_word = last_draw.word
last_word = None
if word is None:
all_words = Word.objects.exclude(draws__accepted=True, draws__user=self)
all_count = all_words.count()
# If there are no more words, return None
if all_count == 0:
return None
# If there is only one word, return it, regardless if it’s the
# same as the last one
if all_count == 1:
word = all_words.first()
# Otherwise, choose a word different from the last one
word = last_word
while last_word == word:
word = all_words.order_by('?').first()
Draw.objects.create(user=self, word=word, accepted=None)
return word

@ -79,13 +79,14 @@ class DrawTest(TestCase):
@override_settings(DRAW_TIME='1 00:00:00')
def test_draw_word(self):
# User has no words yet
draw = Draw.objects.create(user=self.user,
self.assertEquals(self.word, self.user.draw_word())
# User now has an unaccepted draw
self.assertEquals(self.word, self.user.draw_word())
# Accept the last word and make it appear as if it would be 2
# days ago
draw = Draw.objects.get(user=self.user, word=self.word)
draw.accepted = True
draw.timestamp -= timedelta(days=2)
@ -106,11 +107,43 @@ class DrawTest(TestCase):
draw.accepted = True
draw.timestamp -= timedelta(days=2)
work = Work.objects.create(draw=draw)
# As we are out of words now, a new draw should return None
# Now set the last draw to fresh again, and remove the associated work.
draw.timestamp =
# Also create a new word
word3 = Word.objects.create()
# A next draw should return the same word in this case
self.assertEquals(word2, self.user.draw_word())
# Now let’s reject this draw and draw a new one
draw = Draw.objects.get(user=self.user, word=word2)
draw.accepted = False
# The next draw should be different from the last
self.assertEquals(word3, self.user.draw_word())
# Now make the previous one accepted and completed, and reject
# this last one
draw.accepted = True
draw = Draw.objects.get(user=self.user, word=word3)
draw.accepted = False
# The next draw must be this last, rejected one (as there are
# no other options)
self.assertEquals(word3, self.user.draw_word())
def test_last_draw(self):
draw = Draw.objects.create(