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@ -1,4 +1,7 @@
# SWE-GLib - GLib wrapper around the Swiss Ephemeris library
# Most of this file is got from GLib, especially the code coverage measurement
# parts
GTESTER = gtester
GTESTER_REPORT = gtester-report
@ -7,7 +10,7 @@ NULL =
# initialize variables for unconditional += appending
CLEANFILES = *.log *.trs
CLEANFILES = *.log *.trs *.gcda
@ -33,9 +36,7 @@ else
.PHONY: test-nonrecursive
.PHONY: lcov genlcov lcov-clean
.PHONY: test-nonrecursive lcov genlcov lcov-clean
# use recursive makes in order to ignore errors during check
-$(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) -k check
@ -47,7 +48,7 @@ lcov:
$(AM_V_GEN) rm -f $(top_builddir)/tests/.libs/libmoduletestplugin_*.gcda; \
$(LTP) --quiet --directory $(top_builddir) --capture --output-file --test-name SWE_GLIB_PERF --no-checksum --compat-libtool --ignore-errors source; \
$(LTP) --quiet --output-file --remove docs/reference/\* /tmp/\* gio/tests/gdbus-object-manager-example/\* ; \
$(LTP) --quiet --output-file --remove docs/reference/\* /tmp/\* ; \
LANG=C $(LTP_GENHTML) --quiet --prefix $(top_builddir) --output-directory swe-glib-lcov --title "SWE-GLib Code Coverage" --legend --frames --show-details --ignore-errors source
@echo "file://$(abs_top_builddir)/swe-glib-lcov/index.html"
@ -59,47 +60,6 @@ lcov-clean:
# run tests in cwd as part of make check
check-local: test-nonrecursive
# We support a fairly large range of possible variables. It is expected that all types of files in a test suite
# will belong in exactly one of the following variables.
# First, we support the usual automake suffixes, but in lowercase, with the customary meaning:
# test_programs, test_scripts, test_data, test_ltlibraries
# The above are used to list files that are involved in both uninstalled and installed testing. The
# test_programs and test_scripts are taken to be actual testcases and will be run as part of the test suite.
# Note that _data is always used with the nobase_ automake variable name to ensure that installed test data is
# installed in the same way as it appears in the package layout.
# In order to mark a particular file as being only for one type of testing, use 'installed' or 'uninstalled',
# like so:
# installed_test_programs, uninstalled_test_programs
# installed_test_scripts, uninstalled_test_scripts
# installed_test_data, uninstalled_test_data
# installed_test_ltlibraries, uninstalled_test_ltlibraries
# Additionally, we support 'extra' infixes for programs and scripts. This is used for support programs/scripts
# that should not themselves be run as testcases (but exist to be used from other testcases):
# test_extra_programs, installed_test_extra_programs, uninstalled_test_extra_programs
# test_extra_scripts, installed_test_extra_scripts, uninstalled_test_extra_scripts
# Additionally, for _scripts and _data, we support the customary dist_ prefix so that the named script or data
# file automatically end up in the tarball.
# dist_test_scripts, dist_test_data, dist_test_extra_scripts
# dist_installed_test_scripts, dist_installed_test_data, dist_installed_test_extra_scripts
# dist_uninstalled_test_scripts, dist_uninstalled_test_data, dist_uninstalled_test_extra_scripts
# Note that no file is automatically disted unless it appears in one of the dist_ variables. This follows the
# standard automake convention of not disting programs scripts or data by default.
# test_programs, test_scripts, uninstalled_test_programs and uninstalled_test_scripts (as well as their disted
# variants) will be run as part of the in-tree 'make check'. These are all assumed to be runnable under
# gtester. That's a bit strange for scripts, but it's possible.
# we use test -z "$(TEST_PROGS)" above, so make sure we have no extra whitespace...
TEST_PROGS += $(strip $(test_programs) $(test_scripts) $(uninstalled_test_programs) $(uninstalled_test_scripts) \
$(dist_test_scripts) $(dist_uninstalled_test_scripts))