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A JSON-RPC based SMS Gateway
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SmsGateway is a JSON-RPC based SMS Gateway.


  • Senders to support SMS sending as many ways as possible
  • GnokiiSender to send using gnokii
  • FileSender to store messages in files
  • Authentication backends for authentication purposes
  • DatabaseAuth for a PDO based backend
  • FileAuth to store users and passwords in a shadow-like file
  • NullAuth to accept everyone without a password (TODO)
  • Logger backends for audit and message logging
  • DatabaseLogger for PDO based logging
  • FileLogger to log messages to files


SmsGateway can be installed using composer:

$ php composer.phar create-project gergelypolonkai/smsgateway


Currently, there are no configurable parts exist. My plans are:

  • File paths for FileSender, FileAuth and FileLogger (currently these are hard-coded)
  • Executable path for GnokiiSender
  • Database parameters for DatabaseSender, DatabaseAuth and DatabaseLogger