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Name: aerc
Version: 0.5.2
Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: A pretty good email client
License: BSD
BuildRequires: scdoc notmuch-devel
Requires: notmuch
aerc is an email client that runs in your terminal. It's highly efficient
and extensible, perfect for the discerning hacker.
Some of its more interesting features include:
* Editing emails in an embedded terminal tmux-style, allowing you to check
on incoming emails and reference other threads while you compose your
* Render HTML emails with an interactive terminal web browser, highlight
patches with diffs, and browse with an embedded less session
* Vim-style keybindings and ex-command system, allowing for powerful
automation at a single keystroke
* First-class support for working with git & email
* Open a new tab with a terminal emulator and a shell running for easy
access to nearby git repos for parallel work
* Support for multiple accounts, with support for IMAP, Maildir, SMTP, and
sendmail transfer protocols
* Asynchronous IMAP support ensures the UI never gets locked up by a flaky
network, as mutt often does
* Efficient network usage - aerc only downloads the information which is
necessary to present the UI, making for a snappy and bandwidth-efficient
%autosetup -n aerc-fb67d1f5a3f6fe875d74581aff59c79817a7b9f4
GOFLAGS=-tags=notmuch make PREFIX=/usr
%make_install PREFIX=/usr
%license LICENSE
* Mon Apr 05 2021 Gergely Polonkai <>
- Initial release for version 0.5.2