test: Fix test_packet_stream.py so there are no coverage issues in it

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Gergely Polonkai 2023-11-16 10:50:05 +01:00
parent 9e4a254127
commit a85fce7e3f
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@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ from ssb.packet_stream import PacketStream, PSMessage, PSMessageType
async def _collect_messages(generator: AsyncIterator[Optional[PSMessage]]) -> List[Optional["PSMessage"]]:
results = []
async for msg in generator:
async for msg in generator: # pragma: no branch
return results
@ -106,11 +106,6 @@ class MockSHSSocket(SHSDuplexStream):
yield self.output.pop(0)
def disconnect(self) -> None:
"""Disconnect from the remote party"""
self.is_connected = False
class MockSHSClient(MockSHSSocket):
"""A mocked SHS client"""
@ -120,9 +115,6 @@ class MockSHSClient(MockSHSSocket):
self.is_connected = True
for cb in self._on_connect:
await cb()
class MockSHSServer(MockSHSSocket):
"""A mocked SHS server"""