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8 years ago
2014-07-26 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit 'b1d019a4c815ac8bdc240d69eaa74eb4e34640e8' from
2014-07-01 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '7c14dedc79bf0c6eaad5bf50b80ea80dd721afdc' from company
2014-06-14 Stefan Monnier <>
* company/company-capf.el: Don't ignore things like semantic-capf.
2014-04-19 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '51c140ca9ee32d27cacc7b2b07d4539bf98ae575' from
2014-03-25 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '4a7995ff69b25990dc520ed9e466dfbcdb7eafc8' from company
2014-03-19 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit 'fec7c0b4a8651160c5d759cc6703b2c45852d5bb'
2014-03-18 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '7be4321260f0c73ef4c3cadc646f6bb496650253' from company
2014-02-18 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '119822078ee3024c2d27017d45ef4578fa36040f' from company
2014-02-03 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '67ab56a5469f16652e73667ec3b4f76ff6befee6' from company
2014-01-25 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '8dc8f9525714db66f659a2a51322345068764bd3' from company
2014-01-24 Stefan Monnier <>
* company-capf.el (company--capf-data): Don't get confused by lambda
2014-01-20 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '2badcc6227a88e1aba288f442af5f4e1ce55d366' from company
2014-01-15 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '8b4d7da0d6aa1e24379fe5ace5bd2705352ea07e' from company
2014-01-14 Dmitry Gutov <>
Merge commit '67a96dbbfe645b64291ed62eab6f1eb391a834e0' from company
2014-01-13 Stefan Monnier <>
* packages/company/company-etags.el: Require `cl' for `case'.
* packages/company/company-oddmuse.el: Avoid `eval-when' before
requiring `cl'.
* packages/company/company-elisp.el (company-elisp): Simplify.
2013-10-06 Dmitry Gutov <>
Sync from company/master
2013-08-29 Stefan Monnier <>
* packages/company/company-capf.el (company-capf): Add preliminary
support for doc-buffer, meta, location, and require-match.
2013-08-21 Stefan Monnier <>
* packages/company/company-cmake.el: Fix up copyright. Require CL.
* packages/company/company-template.el
(company-template--buffer-templates): Declare before first use.
* packages/company/company-eclim.el (json-array-type): Declare
(company-eclim--candidates): Remove unused var `project-name'.
2013-08-21 Stefan Monnier <>
Sync from company/master
2013-08-14 Stefan Monnier <>
Mark merge point of company.
2013-06-27 Stefan Monnier <>
* GNUmakefile: Rename from Makefile. Add targets for in-place use.
(all, all-in-place): New targets.
* admin/archive-contents.el (archive--simple-package-p): Ignore
autosave files.
(archive--refresh-pkg-file): New function.
(archive--write-pkg-file): Print with ' and ` shorthands.
* packages/company/company-pysmell.el: Don't require pysmell during
* packages/muse/htmlize-hack.el: Don't require htmlize during compile.
* packages/shen-mode/shen-mode.el (shen-functions): Define during
* smart-operator/smart-operator.el (smart-operator-insert-1): Use
2013-05-26 Dmitry Gutov <>
company: Release 0.6.10
* Plays nicer with `org-indent-mode`.
* Works in horizontally scrolled windows.
Git commit 764d2aa4ba50081adf69408e62d4863905b68b7f
2013-05-10 Dmitry Gutov <>
company: Release 0.6.9
* `company-capf` respects `:exit-function` completion property.
* `company-backends`: `prefix` command can return `t` in the cdr.
* `company-clang-begin-after-member-access`: New option.
* Mouse click outside the tooltip aborts completion.
* `company-clang` uses standard input to pass the contents of current
buffer to
Clang 2.9+, otherwise saves the buffer and passes the path to the
* `company-clang-auto-save` option has been removed.
* Better interaction with `outline-minor-mode`.
* `company-dabbrev-code` supports all `prog-mode` derivatives.
Git commit 4c735454d91f9674da0ecea950504888b1e10ff7
2013-04-27 Stefan Monnier <>
* company.el (company-capf): Add support for `sorted' and
(company--capf-data): New function.
(company-backend): Declare before first use.
(company-require-match-p): Only call company-require-match is needed.
(company--continue-failed): Don't use backward-delete-char
(company-search-assert-enabled): Demote it, since it comes too late to
be inlined.
(company-begin-with): Use a lexical closure, so the code is
(company--replacement-string, company--create-lines)
(company-pseudo-tooltip-edit, company-doc-buffer): Silence the
2013-04-16 Dmitry Gutov <>
Release 0.6.8
* `company-auto-complete` is disabled by default.
* `company-auto-complete-chars` default value includes fewer syntax
* In expanded function calls, arguments skipped by the user default to
* `company-eclim` and `company-clang` do not strip argument types from
* `company-clang` expands function calls for all three modes now.
* `company-clang` supports `c++-mode` by default.
Git commit 92ac3d0ef663bca26abbda33cc20a02a58b1c328
2013-04-05 Dmitry Gutov <>
company: Release 0.6.7
* Two `company-elisp` tweaks.
Git commit 8dceda389115b397de48becc4b68a64f4dc4bbab
2013-04-01 Dmitry Gutov <>
company: Release 0.6.6
## 2013-04-01 (0.6.6)
* `company-elisp` doesn't offer completions when typing the name and
the arguments of a new function or macro definition, allowing to
fall back to other back-ends like `company-dabbrev-code`.
## 2013-03-30 (0.6.5)
* Fixed keybindings when running in a terminal.
* `company-elisp-show-locals-first`: new customizable variable.
* `company-elisp` shows more accurate and comprehensive candidates
## 2013-03-26 (0.6.4)
* `company-eclim` shows valid completions after an opening paren.
* Expanded template does not get removed until the point leaves it.
After your input the last argument in a method call expanded by
`company-eclim`, you can press `<tab>` once more, to jump after the
closing paren. No other bundled back-ends are affected.
## 2013-03-25 (0.6.3)
* New tooltip face colors used on themes with light background.
* Pseudo-tooltip stays up-to-date when text is inserted after the
* Fixed `company-require-match` mechanics.
2013-03-24 Dmitry Gutov <>
company: Release 0.6.2
2013-03-23 Dmitry Gutov <>
company: Release 0.6.1
2013-03-21 Dmitry Gutov <>
company: Remove angle brackets from README
2013-03-19 Dmitry Gutov <>
company: Update pkg.el and summary string
2013-03-19 Dmitry Gutov <>
company-tests.el: add copyright boilerplate
2013-03-19 Dmitry Gutov <>
company-mode: Release 0.6
2011-08-01 Stefan Monnier <>
* company/*.el: Fix case misunderstanding. Use checkdoc.
* company/company.el (company-capf): First cut at making Company use
2011-06-30 Chong Yidong <>
Remove version numbers in packages/ directory