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media-remote-control is a home-project to control an MPRIS/PulseAudio based
media player over the network.
I have a PC at home that runs on the top floor of my house, from which the
sound is wired to both floors. Controlling it was a bit hard, as I had to go
upstairs to switch to the next track, or to raise/lower the volume. Thus the
idea came into my mind to write a small server software that controls this
environment over the network. My phone is always at my hand, and is connected
to my wireless network, so as my PC. media-remote-control runs on the PC,
provides a RESTful API over HTTP with a specific port, and can be controlled
from any AJAX-compatible browser.
Known limitations
The protocol doesn't contain any authentication code yet. This may expose your
media player to hackers who can control your player if they hack your network.