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<p>If we want to delete a branch (such as the 'testing' branch in the
previous example, since there is no unique work on it),
we can run <code>git branch -d (branch)</code> to remove it.
we can run <code>git branch -d (branch)</code> to remove it.</p>
<b>$ git branch</b>
@ -215,6 +215,37 @@ Deleted branch testing (was 78b2670).
* <span class="green">master</span>
git push (remote-name) :(branchname)
<small>delete a remote branch</small>
<p>When you're done with a remote branch, whether it's been merged
into the remote master or you want to abandon it and sweep it under
the rug, you'll issue a <code>git push</code> command with a specially
placed colon symbol to remove that branch.</p>
<b>$ git push origin :tidy-cutlery</b>
To git@github.com:octocat/Spoon-Knife.git
- [deleted] tidy-cutlery
<p>In the above example you've deleted the "tidy-cutlery" branch
of the "origin" remote. A way to remember this is to think of the
<code>git push remote-name local-branch:remote-branch</code> syntax.
This states that you want to push your local branch to match that
of the remote. When you remove the <code>local-branch</code> portion
you're now matching nothing to the remote, effectively telling the
remote branch to become nothing.
<p>Alternatively, you can run
<code>git push remote-name --delete branchname</code>
which is a wrapper for the colon refspec (a <code>source:destination</code> pair)
of deleting a remote branch.
<p class="nutshell">
<b>In a nutshell</b> you use <code>git branch</code> to list your
current branches, create new branches and delete unnecessary or