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Online Git Reference
I've been giving out git reference cards and wanted a sort of online version
of that. A list of the common commands, grouped by task, with the common
invocations in an easy to reference site. This is my shot at that site -
hopefully it is a nice way to get into this stuff if someone is intimidated
by the pro git book.
# Online Git Reference
Quick reference guide of basic Git commands along with examples of
common uses and options.
Each section includes tasks related to the type of operation you
may be trying to do.
If you would like to know more about a command listed, each command
links to both the official manual page and its relevant chapter
in the [Pro Git book](http://git-scm.com/book).
## Contributing
If you would like to contribute, simply fork the repository, push
your changes to a branch and send a pull request.
Typo fixes, improvements to grammar or readability, it's all welcome.