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title: "Cross browser border-radius SASS mixin with varargs"
date: 2015-04-28 00:59:56+02:00
permalink: /blog/2015/4/28/cross-browser-border-radius-sass-mixin-with-varargs
published: true
name: Gergely Polonkai
Few days ago I needed to create style sheets with many rounded boxes,
where different corners had to be rounded differently (think about
Bootstrap’s [button
CSS has this nifty shorthand to specify border width in one line, like
with `border-width: 1px 2px 3px 4px`, but it lacks the same for
`border-radius`. So I decided to create something similar using [Sass
mixins]( with dynamic
parameters. Another nice feature you get using the `border-width`
shorthand is that you can specify less than four parameters, and the
values will be applied on different sides of your box, so in the end
all side will have a `border-witdh` set.
I wanted to achieve the same for my `border-radius` mixin, although I
could not start specifically with the `top` side. I decided to go with
the top right corner for the first parameter, while trying to keep a
sane repeting pattern. Here is the result:
{% gist gergelypolonkai/313b227434ecc5d85d7b border-radius.sass %}