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Gergely Polonkai 7 years ago
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title: "Good bye, Digital Ocean! Hello again, GitHub!"
date: 2015-04-25 23:18:56+02:00
permalink: /blog/2015/4/25/good-bye-digital-ocean-hello-again-github
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name: Gergely Polonkai
Few years ago I have signed up for a
[Digital Ocean]( account. I used one
single droplet for my private needs, like hosting my private Git
repositories and my blog. However, as I don’t host anything else there
except my blog, I decided to shut it down. My from now on, my blog is
on [GitHub Pages](, as it provides just
everything I need (except automatically converting my resume to
PDF. But I can live without that.)
I’m really sorry, Digital Ocean Guys, your hosting is awesome and I’ll
keep recommending you to others, but paying for a droplet for one
single blog is overkill.