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Old, Django based sources of the site
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-- This script is for migrating the database of the old Symfony site database to Django
UPDATE django_site SET domain = '', name = '' WHERE id = 1;
INSERT INTO taggit_tag (id, name, slug) SELECT id, name, slug FROM tags;
INSERT INTO taggit_taggeditem (id, tag_id, object_id, content_type_id) SELECT, tagging.tag_id, tagging.resource_id, FROM tagging, django_content_type WHERE = 'post' AND django_content_type.app_label = 'blog';
INSERT INTO blog_post (id, user_id, created_at, title, slug, content, draft) SELECT id, user_id, created_at, title, slug, content, draft FROM blog_posts;
INSERT INTO blog_codechunk (id, language, created_at, title, slug, description, content) SELECT id, language, NOW(), title, slug, description, content FROM code_chunks;