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2013-10-01 22:07:04 +00:00
I have decided to rewrite my web site engine ( currently in PHP with Symfony 2) in Python, using the [Django Framework](
## Nice. Why?
See my [blog post]( about it. However, the story is a bit more than this.
* I am writing a C library using GLib and GObject
* for that, I have written some Python examples
* while testing “my” Python bindings, the Django Framework came into my mind, as I have already heard about it before while I was developing using Symfony 2
* I took a look, then took a big breath
* I learned Python and Django in about 6 hours (no, I havent mastered either of them; just learned the basics)
* Ive converted my old, heavyweight Symfony project (~250MB with the `vendors` folder) to Django (~60MB with all the required libraries)
## I think you did this-or-that wrong
As I said, Im no Python expert, which means there may be stuff that is against best practice. If you point me out, I will be grateful!