Extra logging functionality for Flask applications
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Flask-Logging-Extras adds additional logging features for Flask applications.

The only feature implemented now is adding extra arguments to the format string, like this:

fmt = '[%(asctime)s] [%(levelname)s] [%(category)s] %(message'
# Initialize log handlers as usual, like creating a FileHandler, and
# assign fmt to it as a format string

current_app.logger.info('this is the message, as usual',

### Installation

pip will be available (hopefully) soon.

If you prefer to install from source, you can clone this repo and run

$ python setup.py install


[View the documentation online] (http://flask-jwt-extended.readthedocs.io/en/latest/)

Testing and Code Coverage

We require 100% code coverage in our unit tests. We run all the unit tests with tox, which will test against python2.7, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5.

Running tox will print out a code coverage report. Coverage report is also available on codecov.

tox is running automatically for every push in Travis-CI. To run tox on your local machine, you can simply invoke it with the tox command.

Generating Documentation

You can generate a local copy of the documentation. First, make sure you have the flask sphinx theme available. You can get it with

Then in the docs/ directory, run


This module is available under the BSD license.