[Draft] in-memory replica

Gergely Polonkai 1 year ago
parent 9517f53473
commit a6c3d1f029
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@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
"""Replica related things"""
from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from enum import Enum, auto
from typing import List, Optional
from ..document import Document
@ -10,6 +11,11 @@ from ..query import Query
from ..share import Share
class HistoryMode(Enum):
ALL = auto()
LATEST = auto()
class IngestEvent:
@ -44,7 +50,12 @@ class Replica(ABC):
"""Returns the maximum local index of all stored documents"""
def get_docs_after_local_index(self) -> List[Document]:
def get_docs_after_local_index(
history_mode: HistoryMode,
start_after: int,
limit: Optional[int] = None,
) -> List[Document]:
"""Get all documents after a specific local index"""

@ -0,0 +1,82 @@
from typing import Dict, List, Tuple
from ..document import Document
from ..exc import ReplicaIsClosedError
from ..identity import Identity
from ..query import HistoryMode, Query
from ..path import Path
from ..share import Share
from . import Replica
class InMemoryReplica(Replica):
def __init__(self, share: Share, **driver_kwargs):
self.share = share
self._is_closed = False
self._max_local_index = -1
# Local Index <=> Document pairs
self._documents: List[Tuple[int, Document]] = {}
def is_closed(self):
return self._is_closed
def close(self, erase: bool = False):
if erase:
self._local_index = -1
self._documents = []
self._is_closed = True
def max_local_index(self) -> int:
return self._max_local_index
def _get_all_docs(self) -> List[Document]:
if self._is_closed:
raise ReplicaIsClosedError()
return [document for _, document in self._documents]
def _get_latest_docs(self) -> List[Document]:
if self._is_closed:
raise ReplicaIsClosedError()
docs_by_path: Dict[str, Document] = {}
for document in self._documents:
if (
str(document.path) not in docs_by_path
or docs_by_path[str(document.path)].timestamp <= document.timestamp
docs_by_path[str(document.path)] = document
return list(docs_by_path.values())
def query_docs(self, query: Query) -> List[Document]:
if self._is_closed:
raise ReplicaIsClosedError()
if query.history_mode == HistoryMode.ALL:
docs = self._get_all_docs()
docs = self._get_latest_docs()
docs_to_local_index = {
document: local_index for document, local_index in self.docs_by_local_index
return query({docs_to_local_index[document]: document for document in docs})
def upsert(self, new_document: Document) -> None:
if self._is_closed:
raise ReplicaIsClosedError()
self._local_index += 1
self._documents = [
(local_index, document)
for local_index, document in self._documents
if document.author != new_document.author or document.path != new_document.path
self._documents.append((self._local_index, new_document))