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Astrognome is a free astrology software. Designed for the GNOME Desktop, it aims to be simple and intuitive.
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Astrognome is an astrologer’s software written for and utilizing the GNOME Desktop Environment.


The features below are already implemented.

  • Create natal charts for any date, time and place on Earth with exact planetary locations and their aspects
  • Optionally include many dwarf planets and comets like Chiron and Vesta, and some theoretical/fictional points like the Dark Moon or the Vertex
  • Optionally display mirrorpoints on several pre-defined axes
  • If you don’t like these features, check out the traditional view which excludes Uranian planets and minor aspects
  • Save your charts for later use in an XML format native to Astrognome, or export them as an image (even a vectorized SVG one!)
  • Import your saved charts from Placidus or Regiomontanus


Astrognome was originally created by Jean-André Santoni in Mono, and was hosted on Google Code. The original project is now rewrote from scratch, using the SWE-GLib library (which is actually a wrapper around the Swiss Ephemeris library). Several ideas come from the original project, and from others like Placidus and Aquarius2Go.