Updated TODO file

Gergely Polonkai 9 years ago
parent 46af6b48f2
commit 1ac0f2779b

@ -292,3 +292,23 @@ One idea is to use an info button on the header bar that displays the
chart info in a PopOver. This should be bound to an intuitive key
binding (Alt-Enter, Ctrl-I, I dont know). A status bar is the other
option, but that doesnt seem to GNOMEish…
* Tables of planet, house cusp, fixed star and arabic lot positions
This should be on a new, separate stack child (maybe one child for
each table).
* Create a DBUS interface for the Now chart
It would be nice to have an interface that could start Astrognome and
immediately go to the Now chart.
* Copy chart to clipboard
Saving charts as images is one thing, having them on the clipboard is
another. I can't tell a valid usecase, though…
* Create a desktop notification after save/export
This would make the user able to display the new file in a file
manager, so it can be shared, copied over, whatever.