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BotCommander - an Eggdrop commanding application
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This short document is originally based on eggdrop's README file.


0. Important notice
1. What is BotCommander
2. How do I get BotCommander?
3. Quick startup
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Legal stuff
6. Documentation
7. Obtaining help



Please read this document, and the original BotCommander documentation
before asking for help! These files contain almost everything possible, and
are always growing, as people ask me more and more questions.



BotCommander is a customisable telnet client, heavily specialized with the
usage with Eggdrop IRC bots. Currently it possesses only the planned basic
functionality, but I have many-many plans, such as module-writing,
scripting and such.

BotCommander is continously updated: bugs are getting fixed, and new
features are being added, which sometimes can cause new bugs. Currently
there is a so called "stable" version out there, but there are still known



Before you can install/compile BotCommander, you will need several other
software installed on your machine.

As BotCommander currently depends heavily on GTK+ 2 and Gnome 2, you will
need these. If you are planning (or must) install BotCommander from
sources, you will also need the development libraries of them. These
software comes with most of the Linux/Unix distributions, so the only thing
you may have to do is to install them.

The current stable version (as of writing) is 1.0; you can download it
(amongst many other files) from

Optionally, you can get the latest SVN version from BUT BEWARE! This
version may contain code snippets which will never compile on any machine!
This is because I'm a nasty developer, and sometimes upload this kind of
code, so I can continue coding on my other machine after an svn update. I'm
also planning to add anonymous SVN access, but currently I don't have
enough knowledge about SVN to do such thing.



About installation quick-start you should read the INSTALL file; about
usage, you should go and read the original BotCommander documentation. The
latter is written in DocBook XML, and is compiled into a PDF document upon
a successful installation. It can be found in the doc/ directory.