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My .emacs.d directory

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Updated 1 month ago

A Dvorak keyboard layout based on the UK punctuation layout, heavily modified for Hungarian and Icelandic languages

Updated 6 months ago

A GLib style wrapper library around the Swiss Ephemeris library, created by Astrodienst.

Updated 7 months ago

C 0 0

An easy to install version of the Swiss Ephemeris library.

Updated 7 months ago

Scripts and Ansible playbooks to install my working machine.

Updated 7 months ago

RPM Spec 0 0

My RPM build environment for Fedora.

Updated 8 months ago

Passlib handlers to understand password hashes generated by Werkzeug’s `generate_password_hash`, and to generate hashes understood by `check_password_hash`.

Updated 8 months ago

Sources of the site, Jekyll version

Updated 9 months ago

An Arduino or ESP8266 based weather station which can be extended by different modules.

Updated 10 months ago

C++ 0 0

Backup of the repository for Einstein, an “Einstein’s riddle”-like puzzle game.

Updated 10 months ago

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My Git configuration

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