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org-clock-waybar – Export the currently clocked-in task to be displayed on Waybar


Put org-clock-waybar.el somewhere in your load-path, and (require 'org-clock-waybar).

MELPA version may come soon.

You can set the file to be written by customizing org-clock-waybar-filename; it defaults to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/waybar-current-task.json ($XDG_CACHE_HOME defaults to $HOME/.cache on XDG compatible systems, like Linux.)

Waybar configuration

To add the current task to Waybar, add this snippet to your config:

"custom/org": {
  "format": " {}",
  "return-type": "json",
  "restart-interval": 5,
  "exec": "cat /home/yourusername/.cache/waybar-current-task.json"

Then, add custom/org to modules-left/modules-center/module-right if your bar’s configuration. You can find a minimal working configuration in the examples directory.