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from passlib.registry import get_crypt_handler
from import check_password_hash, generate_password_hash
from passlib_werkzeug import __version__
def test_version():
assert __version__ == '0.1.0'
def test_werkzeug_understands_our_pbkdf2_sha256():
handler = get_crypt_handler('werkzeug_pbkdf2_sha256')
passlib_hash = handler.using(rounds=150000, salt_size=8).hash('password')
assert check_password_hash(passlib_hash, 'password')
def test_we_understand_werkzeug_pbkdf2_sha256():
handler = get_crypt_handler('werkzeug_pbkdf2_sha256')
werkzeug_hash = generate_password_hash('password')
assert handler.verify('password', werkzeug_hash)