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2015-12-10 21:25:56 +00:00
# Matrix Client SDK for GLib
2016-01-13 21:45:35 +00:00
This is a []( client-server SDK for
GLib >= 2.40. It contains both raw API calls and a signal based
asynchronous client. The API and ABI are both very volatile as of now;
dont rely on any specific feature until the API is frozen.
The main interfaces are `MatrixAPI` and
`MatrixClient`. `MatrixHTTPAPI` and `MatrixHTTPClient` implement these
interfaces, respectively and can communicate with an HTTP based
homeserver. If a new protocol becomes supported oficially, a new `API`
and `Client` class will be added.
2015-12-10 21:25:56 +00:00
# Usage
2016-01-13 21:45:35 +00:00
The SDK provides two layers of interaction. The low-level layer
(`MatrixAPI` implementations like `MatrixHTTPAPI`) just wraps the raw
API calls. The high-level layer (`MatrixClient` implementations like
`MatrixHTTPClient`) is a `GMainLoop` based asynchronous object that
emits `GObject` signals and uses the low-level layer to provide an
object model to perform actions on.
2015-12-10 21:25:56 +00:00
## Client
For a working example, see [test-client.c](src/test-client.c).
// Create a client object
MatrixClient *client = MATRIX_CLIENT(matrix_http_client_new("http://localhost:8008"));
// Set tokens for the session. Alternatively you may want to login with matrix_api_login() or matrix_client_login_with_password()
matrix_api_set_token(MATRIX_API(client), "your_access_token");
// Connect a callback that gets called when a event arrives
matrix_client_connect_event(client, MATRIX_EVENT_TYPE_ROOM_MESSAGE, message_callback, NULL);
// Enter polling mode. This continuously calls the /sync API
// Now enter a main loop with g_main_loop_run() so polling for events can actually begin
2015-12-10 21:25:56 +00:00
## API
For a full blown example, see [test-api-client.c](src/test-api-client.c).
# Contribution
See the file []( for details.
# Code of Conduct
See the file []( for details.
# Contact
Should you need any help, join us in Matrix at