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My own customised firmware for the Keyboardio Model100
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#pragma once
#include "kaleidoscope/event_handler_result.h"
#include "kaleidoscope/plugin.h"
#include "kaleidoscope/plugin/AccessTransientLEDMode.h"
#include "kaleidoscope/plugin/LEDMode.h"
#include "kaleidoscope/plugin/LEDModeInterface.h"
namespace kaleidoscope {
namespace plugin {
class LayerBasedTheme : public Plugin,
public LEDModeInterface,
public AccessTransientLEDMode {
LayerBasedTheme(void) {}
EventHandlerResult onLayerChange();
class TransientLEDMode : public LEDMode {
explicit TransientLEDMode(const LayerBasedTheme *parent);
const LayerBasedTheme *parent_;
} // namespace plugin
} // namespace kaleidoscope
extern kaleidoscope::plugin::LayerBasedTheme LayerBasedTheme;