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namespace Application\Migrations;
use Doctrine\DBAL\Migrations\AbstractMigration,
* Auto-generated Migration: Please modify to your need!
class Version20120801224533 extends AbstractMigration
public function up(Schema $schema)
// this up() migration is autogenerated, please modify it to your needs
$this->abortIf($this->connection->getDatabasePlatform()->getName() != "mysql");
$this->addSql("CREATE TABLE books (id INT AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL, author VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, title VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, year INT NOT NULL, commentable TINYINT(1) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(id)) ENGINE = InnoDB");
$this->addSql("CREATE TABLE book_copies (id INT AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL, book_id INT NOT NULL, owner_id INT NOT NULL, borrower_id INT DEFAULT NULL, owner_comment LONGTEXT NOT NULL, borrowable TINYINT(1) NOT NULL, borrower_returned TINYINT(1) NOT NULL, INDEX IDX_F0A8D81116A2B381 (book_id), INDEX IDX_F0A8D8117E3C61F9 (owner_id), UNIQUE INDEX UNIQ_F0A8D81111CE312B (borrower_id), UNIQUE INDEX UNIQ_F0A8D8117E3C61F916A2B381 (owner_id, book_id), PRIMARY KEY(id)) ENGINE = InnoDB");
$this->addSql("ALTER TABLE book_copies ADD CONSTRAINT FK_F0A8D81116A2B381 FOREIGN KEY (book_id) REFERENCES books (id)");
$this->addSql("ALTER TABLE book_copies ADD CONSTRAINT FK_F0A8D8117E3C61F9 FOREIGN KEY (owner_id) REFERENCES users (id)");
$this->addSql("ALTER TABLE book_copies ADD CONSTRAINT FK_F0A8D81111CE312B FOREIGN KEY (borrower_id) REFERENCES users (id)");
public function down(Schema $schema)
// this down() migration is autogenerated, please modify it to your needs
$this->abortIf($this->connection->getDatabasePlatform()->getName() != "mysql");
$this->addSql("ALTER TABLE book_copies DROP FOREIGN KEY FK_F0A8D81116A2B381");
$this->addSql("DROP TABLE books");
$this->addSql("DROP TABLE book_copies");