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Hiroshige Umino ffcf1ac2bf Refine dirname: "konnichiwa" is correct as Japanese "good afternoon" 9 years ago
Soon Van 48532993de Pair up dangling paragraph tags; Make sure all text at least in P 10 years ago
Soon Van 3de81653fa Update links to book version 10 years ago
Jeffrey Guenther 7fa5d14fcb Fixed docs link to link to git-scm/docs pages 10 years ago
Martin Castner 43b3bd31b8 Change the next page links at the bottom of each page to large arrow buttons. 12 years ago
Scott Chacon 9af047e6f2 added some highlighting 12 years ago
Scott Chacon 11a0696e67 not yet 12 years ago
Scott Chacon 9e1e1c42ac finished up init/clone stuff 12 years ago
Scott Chacon f09151836a getting and creating almost done 12 years ago
Scott Chacon 5cbc4da729 fleshing out structure 12 years ago