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layout: page
title: About the author
permalink: /about/
{% include about.html %}
<h3>Some fun stats and links</h3>
<h4>I’m a registered Linux User :)</h4>
<a href="">
<img src=""
alt="I am Linux user #416972">
<h4>I have my own GeekCode</h4>
Version: 3.1
GCM/CS/IT/O d--(+) s++:- a C++$ UB++L++++$ P++ L+++$ E++>$ W+++$ N o? K w+ O M- V PS+ PE Y+ PGP+(++) t+ 5 X R !tv b+ DI++ D+ G e h----() r+++ y++++
<h4>And i have a <a href="{% link %}">public PGP key</a></h4>
Its fingerprint is <code>13D6 0476 B35A FCA8 BC01 3A32 F42B BA58 B074 0C4C</code>.
<pre class="code-block">
{% include pubkey.asc %}