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First impressions of Windows 8














Gergely Polonkai

Many of you may know my commitment to Linux and Open Source Software. But this doesn’t mean I hate proprietary software like many others do. I think everything has its own place in the world, and this goes for software as well.

A few days ago I got my hands on a new notebook, thanks to my company. It was shipped with Windows 8 by default, and although I installed Fedora 19 in an instant (which went smoothlessly, even with Secure Boot enabled), I’ve decided to give a try to this new Windows Version.

Being a heavy Windows 7 user, my first thought was “What the hell is this?” But in a day, I got totally used to it. I don’t miss the Start button at all. The applications already installed were almost enough for me (I still need Office. Maybe I’ll also enroll for Office 365 later…), and the games are great and beautiful too. So overall, this new version may be totally different (by the looks), but it seems almost the same Windows as we know it. So if you don’t freak out by touching something new, go give it a try: don’t instant-remove 8 in favour of 7!