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Gentoo hardened desktop with GNOME 3 – Round two














Gergely Polonkai

After several hours of package.keywords/package.use editing and package compiling, I managed to install GNOME 3 on my notebook. Well, I mean, the GNOME 3 packages. Unfortunately the fglrx driver didn’t seem to recognise my ATI Mobility M56P card, and the open source driver didn’t want to give me GLX support. When I finally found some clues on what should I do, I had to use my notebook for work, so I installed Fedora 14 on it. Then I realised that GNOME 3 is already included in Rawhide (Fedora 15), so I quickly downloaded and installed that instead. Now I have to keep this machine in a working state for a few days, so I will learn SELinux stuff in its native environment.

When I installed Fedora 14, the first AVC message popped up after about ten minutes. That was a good thing, as I wanted to see setroubleshoot in action. However, in Fedora 15, the AVC bubbles didn’t show up even after a day. I raised my left eyebrow and said that’s impossible, SELinux must be disabled. And it’s not! It’s even in enforcing mode! And it works just fine. I like it, and I hope I will be able to get the same results with Gentoo if I can get back to testing…