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Ethical Hacking 2012
:date: 2011-05-12T20:54:42Z
:category: blog
:tags: conference
:url: blog/2011/5/12/ethical-hacking-2011.html
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:author: Gergely Polonkai
Today I went to the Ethical Hacking conference with my boss. It was my first appearance at such
conferences, but I hope there will be more. Although we just started to redesign our IT security
infrastructure with a 90% clear goal, it was nice to hear that everything is vulnerable. I was
thinking if we should sell all our IT equipments, fire all our colleagues (you know, to prevent
social engineering), and move to the South Americas to herd llamas or sheep, so the only danger
would be some lurking pumas or jaguars. Or I simply leave my old background image on my desktop,
from the well-known game, which says: Trust is a weakness.
Anyways, the conference was really nice. We heard about the weaknesses of Android, Oracle, and
even FireWire. They showed some demos about everything, exploited some free and commercial
software with no problem at all. We have seen how much power the virtualisation admin has
(although I think it can be prevented, but Im not sure yet). However, in the end, we could see
that the Cloud is secure (or at least it can be, in a few months or so), so Im not totally
pessimistic. See you next time at Hacktivity!