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Wordpress madness
:date: 2012-06-14T06:40:12Z
:category: blog
:tags: wordpress,ranting
:url: blog/2012/6/14/wordpress-madness.html
:save_as: blog/2012/6/14/wordpress-madness.html
:status: published
:author: Gergely Polonkai
Im a bit fed up that I had to install `MySQL <>`_ on my server to have
`Wordpress <>`_ working, so Ive Googled a bit to find a solution for my
pain. I found `this <>`_. I dont know
when this post was written, but I think its a bit out of date. I mean come on, PDO is the part
of PHP for ages now, and they say adding a DBAL to the dependencies would be a project as large as
(or larger than) WP itself. Well, yes, but PHP is already a dependency, isnt it? Remove it
guys, its too large!
Okay, to be serious… Having a heavily MySQL dependent codebase is a bad thing in my opinion, and
changing it is no easy task. But once it is done, it would be a childs play to keep it up to
date, and to port WP to other database backends. And it would be more than enough to call it 4.0,
and raising version numbers fast is a must nowadays (right, Firefox and Linux Kernel guys?)