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Python implementation of [Earthstar](
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"""Tests for the base32 encode/decode utilities
from base64 import _b32decode, _b32encode # type: ignore
from base64 import b32decode, b32encode
from random import choice
import pytest
from earthsnake.base32 import base32_bytes_to_string, base32_string_to_bytes
from earthsnake.types import B32_CHAR
def test_alphabet() -> None:
"""Test if Python’s Base32 alphabet is the uppercase version of the one we expect"""
alphabet = B32_CHAR.encode('utf-8')
test_data = b'\x00D2\x14\xc7BT\xb65\xcf\x84e:V\xd7\xc6u\xbew\xdf'
test_encoded = B32_CHAR.upper().encode('utf-8')
assert _b32encode(alphabet, test_data) == b32encode(test_data).lower()
assert _b32decode(alphabet, alphabet) == b32decode(test_encoded)
def test_bytes_to_string() -> None:
"""Test if base32_bytes_to_string encodes bytes as expected"""
data = bytes(choice(range(255)) for _ in range(10))
our_version = base32_bytes_to_string(data)
py_version = 'b' + b32encode(data).lower().strip(b'=').decode('utf-8')
assert our_version == py_version
def test_string_to_bytes_noprefix() -> None:
"""Test if base32_string_to_bytes refuses to decode strings without the 'b' prefix"""
with pytest.raises(ValueError) as ctx:
assert 'it should start with a \'b\'' in str(ctx.value)
def test_string_to_bytes_padding() -> None:
"""Test if base32_string_to_bytes refuses to decode strings with padding characters"""
with pytest.raises(ValueError) as ctx:
assert 'it contains padding characters (\'=\')' in str(ctx.value)
def test_string_to_bytes() -> None:
"""Test if base32_string_to_bytes dedoces strings as expected"""
assert base32_string_to_bytes('borsxg5a') == b'test'