Federated calendar and event organiser over ActivityPub
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Keep your calendar ond organise events in the Fediverse.

How to contribute

First, see our Code of Conduct. That’s probably the most important part.

We are more than interested in

- Feature ideas. The project is in its early phase, so every idea is welcome (even if it doesn’t
get into the first release.)
- Bug reports. Even though the project is in the early phase, we don’t want bugs to sneak in to
stay there forever. Report everything you find.
- Documentation. Because well, obviously.
- Fixes, features, actually implemented.
- Find your favourite issue/feature request
- Fork and clone the repository
- Create a branch for your work
- Code!
- Push to your branch
- Open a Pull Request
- Go through the review process with us
- Enjoy your work getting into the main tree


Why doing a federated calendar when you can send around vCard files via email?

Because this project is about much more than a plain calendar. It’s also an event organiser,
where you will be able to collaborate with others making events happen.

Why is it not on GitHub/GitLab/any other popular hosting service?

Because running my stuff is one of my hobby. I run my own Matrix homeserver, my own Mastodon
instance, why would my Git repositories be different? It might change in the future, though; I’m
not an enemy of said services and if this project turns out to be successful I might move it away
from here.