Privacy related features

This includes:

On the user level:

  • Locked profiles: locked profiles can’t be followed until their owner accepts it
  • Blocking users: no notification is displayed from blocked users
  • Muting users: same as blocking, but the user doesn’t get a notification about the fact

On the event level:

  • Event visibility
    • public: anyone can see it
    • private: only invited users see it
  • Response visibility
    • public: anyone can see it (for private events, this gets degraded to private)
    • followers: followers can see it
    • friends (ie. mutual follow): only friends can see it
    • anything above here gets degraded to attendees+invited if the event is private
    • attendees+invited: only invited users (RSVPd or not) can see it
    • attendees only: only attendees can see it (RSVPd, said yes) can see it
    • organisers only: only event organisers can see it
    • anonymous: no one can see it
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