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Gergely Polonkai 2c6fe3f98a Move away from gnome-common 2017-03-15 06:50:08 +01:00
Gergely Polonkai 809a1b215f Add libgd as a dependency and git submodule
libgd is required for GdMainView until MainView gets into Gtk (which I hope
will happen)
2014-07-31 01:05:23 +02:00
Gergely Polonkai aa339f5863 Remove references and calls to libgd in favour of Gtk 3.10 calls 2014-02-25 22:32:54 +01:00
Gergely Polonkai f17ab27fe2 Updated to automatically update submodules 2013-09-09 11:05:28 +02:00
Gergely Polonkai 74255d31c6 Added libgd as a submodule, until GTK+ 3.10 comes out
libgd provides some neat widgets, like a header similar to
GTK+ 3.10's GtkHeaderBar, which comes in handy when generating the
window headers.
2013-09-07 23:14:35 +02:00
Gergely Polonkai 791d7f2381 Added a GNOME specific
It is from the nautilus project, and does the same thing as the old
one, but in a more sane way.
2013-08-26 01:33:57 +02:00
Gergely Polonkai e91e2aa36c Fixed error message in 2013-08-22 23:35:30 +02:00
Gergely Polonkai 33e9bd5d68 Switched to
It does the job more elegantly
2013-08-22 01:44:01 +02:00
Gergely Polonkai 7bbf0d8014 Added script created by Anjuta
It's a bit (much) more flexible, and checks for the tools based on the
contents of
2013-07-17 16:48:53 +02:00
Gergely Polonkai 5e1d32bfa6 Initial commit with SWE 1.75 2013-07-09 01:15:13 +02:00