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Federated photo album sharing for everyone.
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Federated photo album sharing for everyone.

!WARNING! This software, including this document, is under active development, and is not intended for production use!

Running the application locally uses Pipenv to manage dependencies. To install it, use:

$ pip install pipenv

See the Pipenv documentation for details.

After Pipenv is installed, you can install the dependencies with:

$ pipenv install

And run the application with:

$ pipenv run gunicorn app:app

This will boot up the applicatio on


If you want to hack on the sources, just go ahead and edit the .py files and restart the application.


To contribute to the project, go to the project page, open issues, send merge requests, and all the usual stuff.


The project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License. See the LICENSE.txt file, or the online version for details.

Code of Conduct

We use the Contributor Covenant. Please act accordingly.