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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- This is my own bot's config, with - of course - changed passwords -->
<urbot version="1.0" owner="W00d5t0ck">
<!-- The nickname will be URbot -->
<!-- As on my server there are services such as NickServ, it is not -->
<!-- needed, it's for demonstation only .) -->
<!-- An active ident server may override this setting. Consult your -->
<!-- network admins about this -->
<!-- The real name will be W00d5t0ck's bot -->
<realname>[owner]'s bot</realname>
<!-- The bot will never connect to this server, only if it's said to -->
<server address="wood.wx">
<name>SulIRC hidden server</name>
<initcmd>MSG NickServ IDENTIFY URbotPASS</initcmd>
<!-- This will be the first server the bot will try, because I set -->
<!-- autoconnect to 1 -->
<server address="">
<name>SulIRC main hub</name>
<initcmd>MSG NickServ IDENTIFY URbotPASS</initcmd>
<initcmd>MODE [botnick] +B-ix</initcmd>
<!-- This bot is monitoring #URchan and #bottest -->
<chan name="#URchan">
<!-- Because of chanserv, these are not neccessary -->
<op>MSG [owner] I need ops on [chan]</op>
<invite>MSG [owner] I need invite on [chan]</invite>
<unban>MSG [owner] I need unban on [chan]</unban>
<limit>MSG [owner] I need higher limit to enter [chan]</limit>
<key>MSG [owner] Send me the key for [chan]</key>
<initcmd>MSG [chan] I'm here!</initcmd>
<chan name="#bottest">
<!-- This will greet everyone who joins #bottest, and tell the members -->
<!-- about her/his arrival. Since on my network #bottest is a bot-testing -->
<!-- channel, the bot can do _anything_ -->
<react type="join">
<command>MSG [nick] Hello, [nick]</command>
<command>MSG [chan] [nick] entered the channel</command>
<!-- This will react to public messages which contain the word hello -->
<!-- on every monitored channels. -->
<react type="pub">
<rest type="ci">hello</rest>
<command>MSG [chan] Hello, [nick]!</command>